London, Berlin, Stockholm, Isle of Wight: 2007-2014

..these days, we often go to Berghain on a Sunday lunchtime, or Gutterslut in East London. I personally like crazy nights with ridiculous drag queens, not people taking photos of the DJ all night..(Neil Tennant - Pet Shop Boys)

In 2007, I co-founded GutterSlut with Per QX, Nic Fisher, Ms Crystal MC and Elliott J Brown.

We had no idea at the time how big this party would become. We just wanted to do ONE party!

At the time, I was living in Dalston, sharing my life and creativity with Per QX, Nic Fisher and Tony Hornecker in an old cheese factory on Glebe Road. Dalston back then was pretty raw and better known as the East London Ghetto.

This little factory always reminded me of how I imagine the Warhol Factory must have been like. Artists, male prostitutes, and all sorts of creatures of the night were coming and going. It became the birthplace of GutterSlut and Tony Hornecker's Pale Blue Door.

One day we thought: "There's a party going on here every weekend with loads of people coming in and out. Why don't we find a location in the hood, call ourselves The Dalston Gay Mafia, play the music we want to listen to, and take a fiver at the door?"

Images - an old strip club on Bethnal Green Road - turned out to be the perfect spot. Jonny Woo was our GutterSlut muse and an important character in our early artworks.

On 9th December 2007, GutterSlut threw its first party at Images. The curtain came down on 25th May 2014 at Metropolis Strip Club in London, a stone throw down the road from Images.

The following videos provide an insight view of our parties. Thank you to our collaborators, who created the videos for us.

  • TEST

    GutterSlut | 1st Party Flyer (2007) - Artwork by Per QX

  • TEST

    GutterSlut | Selected Press

  • GutterSlut | Showreel (2010) - Video by Dameloya

  • GutterSlut | 3rd Birthday (2010) - Video by Matthew Miles

  • GutterSlut | GutterBall (2011) - Video by Bobotek

  • GutterSlut | & Tailer Trash at Lovebox (2010) - Video by Bobotek

  • GutterSlut | & Sink The Pink at Bestival (2013) - Video by Unknown

  • GutterSlut | 5th Birthday (2013) - Video by Bobotek

  • GutterSlut | GutterBall (2013) - Video by Bobotek

  • GutterSlut | 6th Birthday (2014) - Video by Alexander Shaw